Whats up with insuring these 20+ year old Volkswagens? It seems that we can easily insure them anywhere from $35 per month to $150, from insurers State Farm, GEICO, All State. Now there are a few factors that effect how much you pay for your Volkswagen Rabbit. Here are the common factors, really only a few you can do anything about.

  • City/State - Location where the car is insured, your residence.
  • Yearly mileage - there are a few groups less than 7500, considered a seasonal vehicle.
  • Your age - sorry if your under 25 years old, your insurance will be higher.
  • Your marital status - discounts if your married, multi driver discounts too.
  • Number of cars insured - How many cars do you have on the same policy.
  • You have kids - not how many just that you have kids, that are under the age of 21 and live at home? <- not sure here
  • Your driving record - do you have points on your record?
  • Defensive Driving class - worth 10% off your insurance and reduces the number of points by 3(at least here in New York) Not bad for a 8 hour course. Take the Class online AAA Defensive Driving
  • safety features of car - air bags, anti-lock brakes, safety rating,
  • How new the car is or isn't - [National Highway Traffic Safety Administration]
  • Time with insurance provider - jumping around providers will not help your rates.
  • If the car is a new model year or not. -New model years cost more to insure than non new model years.

Ever wonder How the Good!

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Insurance Myths :(I don't know if these are true - let me know if you have inside info)

  • Given everything else is the same, does a red car cost more to insure than say a while or other color?
  • Does the model matter? Would a GTI cost more to insure than the Rabbit C model?


Old rabbit does in a crash test. Check this old video out. Make you think!