A great DIY walk through of everything you'll need for your paining project. What tools and supplies you'll need and how to pick them out. Article based on real experience. Link

Big CADDY's vwVortex DIY thread on painting the 79 Rabbit.

Door sagging? Link

Body Kits

Cabriolet /Clipper kit - All round body ground kit. Found on 1988-1993 Cabriolet.

The parts you'll need for the swap are:
Front and rear bumpers w/ brackets
Front and rear bumper covers w/ holders
Front bumper cover spoiler
Fender flares/fender arches
Rocker panel trim

Installation is fairly straight forward:
Note: sideskirts have little plastic hooks that go screwed on the rocker panel were the trim would go, the skirts hang off those and are screwe under the rocker panel with a series of screws...the flares are just screwed on the fender like any other flare and then also screwed onto the front and back bumpers (they come with rivets but you can use screws if you don't have them..)

kamei hatch spoiler

BSS kit

duck bill





Removing undercoating


Replacing floor pans