Customer Projects

Once in a while customers share information about their car.  Here are some recent customer project cars.

Ported VW  8 valve MK4 Jetta/Golf intake

Work has begun to test the stock intake and see what gains are available with porting.

Intake data:

AEG Intake Manifold
Lower runner length is 6.0" long
Port inside diameter 32.8mm (head side)
Port inside diameter 40.0mm (opening connecting to upper manifold)
Single runner volume 150cc

Upper manifold section
Port inside diameter 39.8mm (opening connecting to lower manifold)
Runner length 8"
Plenum Volume About 1.8 -2.0L (internal brace was in the way)

Flow Tests
Stock MK4
Upper and Lower sections tested together. Each runner tested individually, with all vacuum ports plugged. Air was pushed in through the TB opening. Flow is measured in inches of water, Lower numbers indicate better flow. Low numbers are good.
Runner #1 - 13.5"
Runner #2 - 10"
Runner #3 - 10"
Runner #4 - 10.25"

Stage I Ported MK4
Flow is measured in inches of water, Lower numbers indicate better flow. Low numbers are good.
Runner #1 - 9.5"
Runner #2 - 9.5"
Runner #3 - 9.5"
Runner #4 - 9.5"

 Stage III Ported MK4
Flow is measured in inches of water, Lower numbers indicate better flow. Low numbers are good.
Runner #1 - 9.0"
Runner #2 - 9.0"
Runner #3 - 9.0"
Runner #4 - 9.0"


Ported VW MK4 1.8T intake manifold

Stock Intake doesn't flow all that well.  14" of water for each runner.  Flow between runners quite consistant.

Ported intake flows much better, 10" not bad about 25%  increase in flow, while still keeping the low pressure area down stream of the injector.  I suspect the

Low pressure zone is to help atomize fuel.

Ported VW 1.8T manifold


ported 1.8T intake manifold port



 WildHare Racing - Rally America Group 2 1984 Rabbit GTI racer.

Guys over a WildHare racing in Colorado were looking for more power, well isn't that always the case. But anyway the rally races tend to be run at very hight altitudes, 9,000 or so.  Being that the air is thinner, and that they were mostly interested in high rpm power we chose to modify a Audi 4000 intake to work on the counterflow 1.8 8 valve engine in the race car.  Thinking is that the longer, straighter, wider runners of the Audi intake will, increase overall air flow, increase velocity and assist in intake tune for torque gain in mid to high rpms.  Check up on the racing progress for WildHare racing on its web site

 Modified Audi 4000 intake manifold


SCCA FP VW Scirocco Race engine intake and head development.

1978 VW Scirocco - The Customer is building an new updated racer and was interested in what combinations would yield the best power for a road race engine.  So many Air flow test were run on various intake combinations, Fuel injected, and Carburated manifolds.  Both in stock form and all out ported forms.  Then port and test a matching head counter flow solid lifter 8v head.  Needless to say the ported intake and matching ported head will be a great combination. 



Volkswagen Driver's Corrado G60 - Stage III ported intake manifold

List of engine modifications to go along with the Scientific Rabbit Stage III G60 ported intake manifold.

  • Stage three ported & polished KK G60
  • RSR outlet
  • 65mm pulley
  • SNS chip
  • 268/260 cam
  • TT cat & exhaust


Customers G60 Corrado


Engine bay picture with New intake installed.

Costomers G60 with Stage III ported intake manifold installed

Here is what the Corrado owner said once the intake was installed:

"it does feel better in the mid & top end.  Kinda like when I got the 268/260, not a huge improvement, but it's noticeable. "