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Stage 3 VW MK4 Ported Intake Manifold

ported VW 1.8T manifold 1999.9 -2005 (VW MK4 8 valve) Stage 3 Ported Intake Manifold

Increases power by 20 Wheel HP @ 3000 rpm and another 10 Wheel HP at max rpm

Golf/Jetta 2.0 8 valve cross flow engine Throttle body on drivers side of engine bay with the manifold attached to head in front of engine.
Customer Quote: -Just installed the intake manifold, now the car revs up like a Honda! Just drove it couple miles, feels so light, pulls nice!


Stage III - For street, boosted and racing applications, mid to high rpm gains. For best results use with modified head, cam, chip and exhaust. 10% more flow over stock.

Also a very good intake upgrade for MK3 2.0 ABA engines

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