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3" CIS Lower Airbox Cold Air Intake Kit

Big Bore CIS Lower Airbox Cold Air Intake

Modified stock CIS lower airbox with 3" inlet vs sock 2.25".   We use the stock location under the radiator to connect to the front of the car so the risk of hydrolock is no more than a stock factory setup.  All hight temp components used in construction.  Kit includes a 3D printed lower elbow that replaces the factory under radiator plastic elbow.  A 3" hose with clamps and a replacement CIS lower airbox included.  The factory lower airbox  2.25" inlet is removed and a 3" carbon fiber inlet grafted on.  The kit fits in the factory location, with no modifications to CIS needed.

Checkout the research page for Dyno test results 

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Kit Components


Battery removed for easy lower air box install


Completed Install


Customer cars with CIS Cold air intakes

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